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At the Somali Hepatitis Trust , we are dedicated to combating hepatitis and ensuring the well-being of our nation. Hepatitis is a global health challenge that affects millions of people, and our mission is to prevent, diagnose, and treat this disease through a comprehensive and coordinated approach.

Somali Hepatitis Trust is a vibrant non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Somalia dedicated to fighting viral hepatitis and improving the health outcomes of people with limited resources. Somhepatitis wants to contribute to eradicating viral hepatitis in the country through an integrated approach that includes lobbying, policy creation, public awareness campaigns, screening services, and research.

Somali Hepatitis Trust (SomHepatitis) is a non-profit organization focused on the prevention, control, and treatment of hepatitis in Somalia. It was established to address the country’s growing burden of viral hepatitis infections and related liver disease.

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Our Programs and Interventions

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Awareness and Education
Screening and Testing
Treatment and Care
Surveillance and research

What we do

The Somalia Hepatitis trust Mission's efforts to improve access to viral hepatitis

Somali Hepatitis Trust is dedicated to implementing comprehensive programs aimed at eradicating viral hepatitis in Somalia. Through: 

Strategic advocacy and policy development

Public awareness campaigns and screening initiatives,

The provision of free treatment

We aim to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable communities

And contribute to a hepatitis-free Somalia.

Together We Can Create

The Following targets of viral hepatitis in Somalia:

Fight hepatitis and achieve national wide elimination of Hepatitis B by 2030

Reduce the number of infected people

As well as the morbidity and mortality caused by cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, which are both symptoms of hepatitis B and C. (liver cancer)

At all levels of healthcare

Provide early diagnosis and management of viral hepatitis.

Create standardized guidelines

For diagnostic and therapeutic management of viral hepatitis and associated consequences.

To provide comprehensive services

For the management of viral hepatitis and its complications in all of the nation's districts, strengthen the current infrastructure facilities, expand the capabilities of the existing human resource, and raise new human resources, if needed.

Create a "Viral Hepatitis Information

And Management System" on the web to keep track of those who have viral

Lower the risk, mortality,

And morbidity associated with hepatitis A and E.  Important Goals

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Somali Hepatitis Trust

The National Health Mission’s efforts to improve access to viral hepatitis testing and management will instead be further complemented by integrating the intervention within the framework of the current health systems.
For the treatment of hepatitis A and E as well as free diagnoses and medications for hepatitis B and C, the program is being offering.

Reduce incidence of HBV by 45% in 5 year

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Raise the HBV vaccination to 50% and above

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Mobilize resources for preventio

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Mother to child transmission to be reduced by 90%

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Blood Safety 100% and Safe Injection 70%

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Treatment of patients – A national committee to assess and provide recommendations

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Somali Hepatitis Trust

The key activities of the Priority

The organization works in close partnership with the Ministry of Health of the Federal Government of Somalia, specifically the Office of Hepatitis Control, to align its efforts with national health priorities and ensure a coordinated approach in addressing the challenges posed by viral hepatitis.

National Hepatitis Strategy

Viral Hepatitis Survey

Public Awareness

Training and Capacity Building

Advocacy for resource mobilization

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